Rhonda Berkeley

Supporting: Amis du Festival - Festival Board Members for Festival International de Louisiane

Mesmerized by a whirling dervish, I perch stage-side, grabbing images. Scene International is a swirl of sensory experiences--crawfish bowl & beer scented vibes, Niyaz intermingling with the hum of a swelling crowd, the click-click of my camera, as I capture the magic that is Festival International de Louisiane. This year marks my fourteenth as Production Photographer and my second six year stint on the Board of Directors. I give Festival my heart & soul (yes, really), but I also give an annual donation by becoming an Ami of Festival. Financial support is key to bringing this incredible event to life each year. Festival International is the largest world music festival in North America, so believe me when I say we need "the village" to participate. Please volunteer to help at Festival, and please join me in becoming an Ami. It won't hurt your pocketbook too much, because you can set up a small monthly payment! Our board and staff are busy making plans for Festival 2022. Your support will be much appreciated.

Did you know Festival International could not exist without its community of supporters that come together each year? The Festival board invites you to make a valuable difference in Lafayette by making a donation.

A donation to Festival International is far more than just a donation - it furthers a beloved cultural celebration solidified in the heard of Lafayette. Our Amis have helped keep the Festival light shining bright throughout both the amazing & the difficult years. We are lucky to have friends to lean on like you!